Millions of 'Likes'

Learn more about Izkiz app's chroma filter.

I was checking the news websites and a photo took my attention. It was black-white but also has some kind of glitchy look. The lady on the photo was Spanish super-star Ursula Corbero. The news website was talking about how sensational her latest Instagram post was.

The main reason I stared at the photo so much was because it was my filter she used, that I created for the Izkiz App. I am almost 100% sure that that photo was created with Izkiz App and it is a great honor for us. To be honest, I didn't imagine this filter on black-white photos. I was playing a Playstation game in my spare time while designing the app, the name of the game was Grand Turismo and in the game there was a full blown photo editor, it was like Lightroom. I was loving the "Chromatic Aberration" filter there, it made the photos look more dynamic, it was giving a feeling that the object on the photo is moving. That's how I decided to code a "Chroma" filter for the Izkiz app. And yes! it was super exciting to see the effect used on a photo from a super-star that got millions of likes.

To create this look with Izkiz app, you need to import a black-white photo than apply the "Chroma" filter. You can use pinch and pan gestures to change the look of the filter. Unfortunately there was a bug in the filter, which was not showing the real preview in the screen. Well, we have fixed that bug and also added a black-white filter. So, with Izkiz App 2.2, you can import any photo and create the look dear Ursula made.

Here is her Instagram post, tap see on Instagram.